Pro Tips Expensive Jewelry

It's as easy as leaving it at home.

The Problem

This might sound strange, but leave all expensive watches, chains, earrings, and bracelets at home. I promise you its not worth the flex. Miami is notorious for jewelry theft.

This is how it happens. Women prey on men with expensive watches at the club. So they approach you in a friendly way, party with you all night, and come back to your hotel. You think you're getting lucky, yet you wake up the next morning and everything is gone and you don’t remember any of it. How did it happen? She drugged your drink at some point in the night without you noticing. The scariest part, your friends wouldn’t even notice you acting differently, and they could be drugged too.

The Solution

It happens every weekend here in Miami, and the police don’t do much about it. Don’t be a target, leave the expensive jewelry at home so you can have a stress free, positive experience in Miami.